Add Job Search to your WordPress site with Indeed API

Wordpress Job Search

Add Job Search to your WordPress site with Indeed API

WordPress Job Search Plugin

WPJobPlugin is a WordPress Plugin for Indeed API to get all the latest jobs included on your WordPress site. It’s super fast and lightweight and SEO optimized + you can even make money with their Indeed Publisher Program!


  • Create an instant job search functionality to your WordPress site
  • Search-engine Mode or Fixed Niche Job site.
  • Keyword and Location Search.
  • Restrict to fixed Country
  • Sort by date or relevance
  • Search Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Internship, Temporary jobs
  • Content is indexable for search engine (no Javascript)
  • SEO optimized Wordpress titles
  • Plugin settings
  • Superfast & lightweight
  • Easy to use!

Job Search or Fixed Niche?

With WordPress job plugin you can create your own job search engine or you can choose to create a fixed niche job site to match the content of your website’s niche.

Add Job Content to your website in a few seconds

Say for example you have Gaming Website, you can now add “Game Developer jobs” to your website or a Racing news Website you can add “Racing Mechanic jobs” or “Racing Driver jobs”. Imagine there are over 1.000.000+ jobs on Indeed, the possibilities are endless.